Third-party logistics(3PL)

The best solution

Third-party logistics (3PL) services

Nichirei Logistics Group is a pioneer of 3PL services in Japan’s food logistics industry. Our main competitive advantages lie in our ability to both offer the best solutions, based on our long expertise, and implement those solutions utilizing our temperature-controlled logistics network.

About 3PL

Through our 3PL services, we:
Create strategic plans to make logistics as efficient as possible on behalf of our clients;
Offer solutions for setting up logistics systems; and
Handle everything needed to implement and operate the systems.

3PL makes logistics more efficient

In recent years, companies handling their own logistics have been in urgent need of solutions to reduce costs, improve transportation services, and reduce environmental burdens. We help such companies realize better logistics services and higher overall efficiency—results that cannot be achieved by optimizing individual operations. To this end, we review a client’s logistics operations, analyze the results, design an optimum system, and implement it.

  • Fact finding We review our clients’ logistics operations.
  • Analysis We analyze the results of the review and conduct simulations.
  • System design We design and propose necessary information systems and optimum schemes.
  • Implementation We operate and manage clients’ logistics, making further improvements.

3PL services: benefits

  • Lower transportation costs

    Logistics costs are clarified and cut
    Logistics-related investments are reduced

  • Better services for clients

    Transportation lead times are shortened
    High-frequency, –small-batch deliveries

  • Higher quality transportation services
    and improved operational efficiency

    High utilization and high service quality
    Inventory optimization and efficient operations

  • Reduced environmental burdens

    CO2 emissions by improvement of utilization
    CO2 emissions by modal shift

In an outline of logistics-related policies from 2013 to 2017, issued by the Cabinet Office of Japan in June 2013, 3PL services are recognized as a means of achieving efficient logistics to support industrial activities and people’s livelihoods.

From 3PL to LLP

Conditions surrounding logistics have grown more complicated in recent years, so more sophisticated services are needed for complementing and outsourcing the management functions of logistics operations. Nichirei Logistics Group can go one step further from its position as a 3PL service provider and assume the position of a lead logistics provider. This enables it to manage logistics on behalf of client company, ultimately leading to greater convenience for, and satisfaction on the part of, the company’s clients.

  • 3PL


    Intermediary between the client company and the transportation company

    Main role

    Reconciliation among interested parties

    Main functions

    Control all aspects of logistics

  • LLP


    Entity within the client’s company

    Main role

    Plans and manages logistics on behalf of the client

    Main functions

    Supports logistics planning and management functions

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