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Distribution center(DC)business

Japan's top temperature-controlled warehouse capacity serves a wide range of needs
With our Dcs in about 80 locations across Japan,Nichirei Logistics - Group offers services customized to needs of its clients.


Storage services

The origins of Nichirei Logistics business are in ice making and warehousing. The expertise we have gained over many years underpins our comprehensive services, making us the nation’s top temperature-controlled logistics network.

  • Nichirei Logistics Group’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to provide services across the country.
  • We respond to the wide-ranging needs of our clients, comprising about 5,000 companies each year, and operate under a variety of business conditions.
  • With Japan’s largest temperature-controlled storage capacity and facilities customized for every region, we store our clients’ products with the utmost care.

Our DCs offer one-stop service

We can provide total logistics services such as warehousing, customs clearance and value added services at a single location.

one-stop service
  • Customs clearance

    In partnership with major customs brokers, we handle import and export customs clearance procedures on behalf of clients.

  • Inspections and Sorting

    Before warehousing, we confirm product quantity, specifications, and expiration dates. Products are checked and sorted to prevent incorrect storage.

  • Warehousing

    We promptly transport products to proper chambers at specified temperatures. We also handle every item linked to the storage location.

  • Storage

    Utilizing know-how built up over the years, we store products appropriately, strictly under controlled temperatures. We also offer distribution and processing services tailored to clients’ needs.

  • Sorting and dispatch preparation

    Prior to dispatch, items for delivery are sorted to confirm their condition and check whether product details and quantities are correct.

  • Dispatch

    We ensure that items are delivered on time and that quantity and quality are as specified by the customer.

Value added services

We can provide additional services, including freezing, defrosting, and light processing.

  • truck
  • driver
  • driver training
    Light processing