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TC business

Our TC business model is now considered the norm in Japan. But, when our business started in the 1980s, it went largely overlooked by the country’s logistics industry because the prevailing idea then was that a logistics business could not succeed commercially unless it provided warehousing services. Since then, our TC services have evolved, and grown together with retail stores and restaurant chains into one of our biggest businesses.

Our TCs mainly handle chilled food products, including food consumed daily, as well as fresh agricultural, fishery, and livestock products. In addition, we integrate the steps from processing to transportation for meat and seafood products at our processing centers, allowing for the smoother transportation of fresher products by our temperature-controlled logistics services.

Benefits of our TC

Having all cargo go through a TC makes it possible to optimize transportation routes
TCs help lower logistics costs and make transportation operations more efficient.

Our clients

Aeon Group shopping malls; Cosmo pharmacy chain; Fuji Citio, Halows, Ito-Yokado, Kansai Super, Life, Maruetsu, Super National, York-Benimaru, and York Mart supermarket chains; Mitsubishi Shokuhin wholesalers; Tobu Store department store chain; U Co-Op shopping and delivery service; Universe online shopping and supermarket chain; and the Uoroku restaurant chain (listed according to store type).

TC support for food sales at train stations, department stores

In Japan, most train stations have retail facilities, while department stores generally sell food products on basement floors. We handle transportation for these businesses, and provide clean room services—including the management of product expiration dates—at our TCs, which have space for storing goods at frozen, chilled, or ambient temperatures.

Integrating temperature-controlled logistics through partnerships with a major home-delivery company

Through a partnership with a major home-delivery company in Japan, we operate intermediate centers nationwide, where cargo can be sorted in temperatures suited to frozen and chilled products—our specialty. This allows our services to meet customer needs, which include storage and setup in strictly controlled temperatures.

PCs: the benefits

From processing meat and seafood to weighing, packaging, and transportation, our processing centers handle every step at a single location, providing a one-stop service. This centralization of the labor and space needed for processing also helps alleviate the workload of retail stores, enabling them to make better use of their own space.
  • Processing
  • Weighing and packaging
  • Transportation

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