Information systems

Highly efficient and reliable system

Group information systems

Information systems are an essential component of logistics.
We manage vital information securely with our highly efficient and reliable core systems, thereby ensuring that Nichirei Logistics Group can trustfully provide its wide range of services to optimize clients’ logistics.

Lixxi (Logistics information-system 21)

Lixxi is the Nichirei Logistics Group’s core system for warehousing, transportation, and information management. It links each of these operations for efficient logistics services. Lixxi also connects to billing systems and clients’ electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, allowing administration to proceed efficiently and smoothly.

J-FRESH mobile terminals for TCs

J-FRESH is our handy terminal system for use at TCs, from which items are transported to retail stores and restaurants. The system allows staff to inspect intake cargo, sort goods, and verify loading details anywhere onsite.

Nile 2 (Nichirei internet logistics and e-commerce version 2)

Nile 2 is a supply chain management support system. Using the Internet, it allows the real-time verification of information on intake, dispatch, and storage operations at logistics bases nationwide. Nile 2 helps optimize inventories, prevent stock-outs, reduce inventory loss, maintain quality, and shorten lead times.


Our main information systems, including Lixxi and Nile 2, operate at a seismically isolated data center. The communications network for the system comprises main circuits and backup circuits provided by a different telecommunications carrier, both improving the redundancy of communications between logistics bases and system reliability. A cloud-based disaster recovery site has been built for Lixxi to ensure that operations can continue even during a major disaster.

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