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We are carrying out a widerange of CSR initiatives asa good corporate citizen.

Recognizing our obligations to society, we are making the most of the Nichirei - Logistics Group's distinctive resources in community projects and actives.
While contributing to communities in ways that only we can, we are also carrying out security initiatives, enviromental conservation measures, and programs to enhance job satisfaction among our employees.

The Nichirei Pledge Working to Make Our Communities More Sustainable

As a group of companies that provide value in the fields of food and health, the Nichirei Group strives to help communities solve the issues they face while creating new value for customers through its business activities. The Group gives full consideration to the economic, social, and environmental impact of its endeavors, and publicly discloses the details of its businesses to its stakeholders, in order to gain their understanding and promote further dialogue.

Nichirei's promise

Safety and security initiatives

  • Forklift Skills competition

    Forklift Skills competition

    In fiscal 2007, we began holding forklift skills competitions, aimed at ensuring that there would be an ongoing improvement of our logistics services, especially in terms of workplace safety and customer satisfaction.
    The competitions focus on forklift operations, and are designed to promote individual skills development through competitive events and customer satisfaction evaluations.

  • Safety and Quality Training Center

    Safety and Quality Training Center

    Placing the utmost priority on quality, the environment, and safety, our Safety and Quality Training Center was set up to help prevent serious traffic accidents and eliminate problems involving merchandise handled in the workplace. The center works to ensure greater safety and quality through training programs that stress essential knowledge and hands-on skills, including correct methods of using both safety and loading equipment.

  • Skills competitions for truck drivers

    Skills competitions for truck drivers

    To protect product quality from storage through to transportation, and to keep food safe and secure, it is essential to provide training for truck drivers—who deal directly with products and clients—and to raise general awareness regarding everyday transportation operations. Thus, together with our vital partners, the transportation companies with which we work, we also hold skills competitions for the truck drivers, to improve the quality of logistics services.

Environmental initiatives

To ensure we can offer outstanding temperature-controlled logistics services, we are tackling environmental issues head on, through initiatives to conserve energy and reduce our CO2 emissions.

  • Promoting environment-friendly transportation

    Promoting environment-friendly transportation Facilities have switched to LED lighting

    We are working to implement more efficient logistics through such measures as installing LED lighting at facilities, facilitating combined cargo transportation, and promoting a modal shift. In these ways, we are enabling more optimal logistics for clients, while also lowering the overall environmental burden. Further, we are using trucks that are easier on the environment, equipping them with energy-saving devices, and holding training courses in economical driving.

  • Environmental measures at logistics facilities

    Environmental measures at logistics facilities Energy-saving refrigeration equipment
    that uses ammonia, a natural refrigerant

    To conserve energy and reduce the environmental burden at our logistics facilities, we have been installing refrigeration equipment that uses ammonia, a natural refrigerant, and have been switching to high-efficiency transformers and LED lighting.

Social contributions

Our social contributions include joining neighborhood cleanup events and offering tours of Group logistics facilities for local elementary and junior high school students.By participating in the cleanups, we—as community members—help raise awareness of the importance of the Earth’s environment. Through the tours, we teach participants about the essential role of temperature-controlled logistics in our food culture and how refrigeration can ensure food safety and security.

  • Social contributions
  • Social contributions
  • Social contributions

Enhancing job satisfaction

Since this is a key goal of Nichirei Logistics Group, the utmost importance is placed on making jobs more satisfying and fulfilling for employees, who are recognized as our most vital resource. To this end, we established “The first choice of clients” awards, as an initiative to motivate teams and individuals by formally recognizing employees who have contributed to raising customer satisfaction. Initiatives aimed at improving the workplace environment are also considered, based on the results of employee satisfaction surveys.
In addition, our first women’s forum, to promote the success of female employees in the workplace, was held in February 2016. We think that we cannot realize sustainable growth without promoting human diversity. Aiming to be a Group in which women can play more active roles, Nichirei Logistics Group plans to introduce both structural reforms to transform its corporate culture, and related initiatives to raise awareness among employees.

  • Enhancing job satisfaction
  • Enhancing job satisfaction