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Notice regarding the reorganization of the European subsidiaries

Nichirei Logistics Group ("NLG") announces that reorganization of our consolidated subsidiaries in the Netherlands and the UK were carried out with the effective date of 1 January 2024.

[Subsidiaries restructured in the Netherlands]

  • Eurofrigo B.V.
  • Thermotraffic Holland B.V.

[Subsidiaries restructured in the UK]

  • Thermotraffic UK Ltd.
  • Kevin Hancock Ltd.
  • Norish Ltd.
  • Norish NI Ltd.
  1. Objectives of the reorganization

    We have been developing our temperature-controlled logistics business in Europe since entering the Netherlands in 1988 and have expanded our capabilities through two acquisitions in the UK since entering the country in 2014.
    Until today, the two Dutch and four UK companies have worked together to provide storage, transport, customs-clearance and value-added services. Then, through the reorganization, they will further increase management efficiency in both countries and provide customers with high-quality one-stop services.
    In addition, by unifying the new company name 'Thermotraffic', we will promote smooth communication and build a strong network to meet a wider range of customer needs than ever before.

  2. Organization structure in Europe after reorganization (as of 1 January 2024)

  3. Contact information on this matter.

    Corporate Planning Department, Nichirei Logistics Group Inc.
    Email: N1040X003@nichirei.co.jp